Sunday, September 25, 2016


Mindfulness through writing is a powerful thing. 
I invite you to take a few minutes. 
Free write, 
make a list, 
write a poem, 
craft a blog post, 
draw a doodle, 
take a picture. 
You pick. 
CAREEN is your word to explore this week.
Share your story in the comments! I can't wait to read about your week!
Thanks for exploring your story with me!  
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JOIN: Remembering To Feel

Every Saturday, join me as I CELEBRATE This Week 
with Ruth Ayres from Discover. Play. Build.

Almost three years ago a young girl was murdered in my cul de sac. 
Her older sister was the one who killed her.
We were left shocked and horrified and terribly sad. 
No one could have predicted it. 
But I still thought about everything I might have done to have prevented it. 

I could have
gotten to know the girls more
invited the family over for dinner
offered to do homework with the girls after school
done something I didn't do.

Afterwards, I processed my emotions with a trusted friend.
He told me it was okay to experience all these feelings.
 It was not only natural, 
but needed.

Holding feelings in, 
bottling them up, 
shoving them aside, 
doesn't work. 

I let myself feel then.
And let myself feel still. 

Emotions are interesting. 
They seem to come and go. Even though this happened years ago now, sometimes I'll remember and the hurt and guilt is there again. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I tell my husband. Sometimes I write about it. But I don't ignore those feelings.

Today I'm celebrating the power of remembering to feel. Allowing ourselves to experience emotions is important. Of course, it's easiest to experience and relish in the emotions that make us feel good. But it's just as important to feel the not-so-good feelings too. 

How are you feeling this weekend? 
What do you do to let yourself feel?
Does writing help you process those emotions?
I know writing often helps me. 
Thanks for being here to celebrate with me!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

JOIN: Fall Writing Bootcamp

Every Saturday, join me as I CELEBRATE This Week 
with Ruth Ayres from Discover. Play. Build.

So far today has been a lazy Saturday and it's been pure bliss. I slept in this morning, waking up to the kids and the dog cuddled up on the bed with me and watching cartoons. Then we went to watch my six-year-old play in his first soccer game. After that he picked a local hot dog place for lunch (I had a salad...and maybe some fries). We ate outside at the picnic tables and talked about plans for the rest of the day. Now we're home. College football is on and I'm sitting upstairs on my bed with lots of writing stuff all around me. There are notebooks and binders, markers and pens, scratch paper and scrapbook paper. 

I'm in a sort of take-stock kind of headspace. I signed up for a fall writing bootcamp with the YA Buccanneers so I took time to outline my goals, set up my accountability chart, and decide on rewards for myself along the way. Bootcamp is for September and October in prep for drafting in November for NaNoWriMo. So far I've been unsuccessful with NaNoWriMo...but I'm taking the opportunity to be in a group of writers who'll motivate me and celebrate with me over the next two months and then I'll probably start drafting in November although I know I won't have the time to give NaNo a go.

My goals for the next two months are to:
1. Write everyday. At least 20 minutes of writing something.
2. Revise the current ms I've been working on. 
3. Beat sheet the next ms I would like to draft.

And the rewards I have decided on are: visiting my favorite coffee shop, filling in my accountability chart, playing Disney Emoji Blitz (I'm a little crazy for this game right now!), going out to dinner, and going to a yoga class. 

Celebrating writing and milestones in my writing along the way really helps me keep going. It's a loooooooooong journey so I might as well have fun and celebrate along the way, right?

Do you have current writing goals?
And how do you keep track of your progress and celebrate along the way?
Thanks for stopping in!